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One of the best things which you can do these days to entertain yourself is by watching movies and TV shows which you apparently might have been addicted to, for some time now.

You can easily book a movie ticket and watch the movies in a cinema, however, if you don’t really want to spend all your money altogether and would love to conserve some money, you better go for it and try to use the internet for your needs.

movie streaming sites

Internet is a big and a huge place for you to download your stuff and if you are looking for movies too, well there is no way that you won’t find those movies here. You can easily watch any of your favorite movies from the internet and that too on any device at the luxury of being right at your homes.

In this case, we have the best alternative for you and they are the best movie streaming sites which you can go for. Here are a few:

Top Movie Streaming Sites


There is no denying in the fact that Netflix is the best movie streaming site out there for you to watch any of your favorite movies for free. Be it Hindi or be it English, you can find any of your favorite movies here and along with that, you even get to watch any of your favorite TV shows too. All you have to do is to opt for a subscription plan and that’s all.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon is quite known for its brilliant service and awesome features and offers which it provides us with and well, same for the videos and movies which it shares as Amazon Prime Video is a great service launched by the team which allows you to watch any of your favorite TV shows or any movies which you want to watch. Even though it is paid, still you will really love spending some bucks here as the service is equally good.


Crackle is a free movie streaming site which allow you to watch any of your favorite movies and along with that, you get to enjoy it without registering for any kind of service. If you want minimal ads and more entertainment in a single website, then you should try it out for sure.

Primewire provides you with an amazing access to all your favorite shows and movies, and apparently, if you are looking for such a site which has a lot of movies within, then you should definitely try out this site. Along with that, you can even enjoy the fact that this site gets updated with movies every now and then, which allows you to enjoy any of your favorite movies anytime.


Even though Hotstar is just limited to Indian region, still you get to enjoy amazing benefits from this site as movies and TV shows can be accessed here for a very low price. You will really love how this site works and what features it offers, so go ahead and try it.